Doki Doki Vampire Syndrome!! Official Fan MOD Site


This MOD is a completely unofficial original story MOD. You can enjoy a different atmosphere from the head home.
However, since this story has a little horror, we can not recommend players who are not good at horror or weak against heart.
If you are mentally weak, YOU MUST NOT PLAY THIS MOD!!
The MOD production team and Team Salvato are not responsible for any damage or damage in this game, Please play at your own risk. We are using unofficial Japanese patch for this MOD. If you use this patch, download the vanilla DDLC (straight DDLC which does not apply MOD to anything) from the headquarters
or delete Japanese patch(jp.rpa and none.rpa). Then, Please apply to vanilla DDLC this MOD.



Official Release

Added Bad end
Indicate version notation and use of Doki Doki Mod Manager in the window name
Added 1 hidden achievement for DDMM

Language switching for history
Added a function to delete only save data
Chapter mode specification change

Introducing the mouth and eyes of standing characters(Made by YamamotoNew)

Supports Blinky Flappers! v2.2.0

Supports Blinky Flappers! v2.2.1


The Original Work : Doki Doki Literature Club! by Team Salvato
Programming : Datenshi Mayonnaise @horizonmayone
Scripts : Usagi @usajou
Collaborator & Test Players: Yamamotonew @MeshiMazuMonika
Background Art Works: Kimagure After
          : K's Factory